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The all-year
- Solar­system

Whether heat pump storage, solar stratified storage, hot water storage or buffer storage - IVT has the right solution for your installation requirements! Discover the variety of our combination options and arrange a personal consultation with your IVT consultant today.


Solar system

Solar energy is booming. Due to the current situation on the energy market, the prices for fossil fuels such as oil and gas have become extremely expensive and there is no improvement in sight. Make yourself and your customers independent of this development with the LATENTO solar system. The IVT system is a perfectly coordinated solution - highly efficient, quick and easy to install and child's play to operate. Take advantage of this profitable opportunity for more sales and even more satisfied customers.

Maintenance free memory
Light and handy
Ready for connection
Max. Volume utilisation
Top heat yield
Hygienically optimal
High efficiency

The world of LATENTO

Realise the advantages of our LATENTO solar system and make yourself less dependent on fossil energy. Our LATENTO all-season solar system is extremely popular all over the world. You too can benefit from the power of the sun and arrange a consultation with your IVT consultant today - it's uncomplicated and competent!

   The all-year
 Solar system


All year solar system


Solar stratified storage tank 500
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