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at IVT

"What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow." Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

In line with this motto, IVT makes a significant contribution to conserving natural resources and thus protecting and supporting the environment through defined goals. In addition to the ecological sustainability pillar, a complete sustainability assessment also includes the economic and social pillars. IVT relies on the interaction of these three pillars and lays the foundation for the holistic inclusion of sustainability in the company through ecological, economic and social measures. 

Ecological measures

We save 66.5 % Co2 through conscious Speedy Touch tour planning.
Thanks to self-cross-linking, we save 35 % energy in the production of the ÖKO-FLEX panel heating pipe.
Continuous improvements and innovations of our product range are on our agenda.
We are constantly working on expanding our certified energy management system.
Through our (financial) contribution to the activities of the Austrian Working Group for Plastic Pipe Recycling (ÖAKR), we were able to enable a saving of 37 tonnes of Co2.
By installing a PV system on the roof of the new hall building at the end of 2020, we will demonstrably contribute to Co2 savings.
Generator area of 1533.9 m², 920 PV modules, 299 kWp capacity
We have already been able to reduce energy consumption in our pipe production.
The target for 2022 was 0.25 EnPI. We have achieved an improvement to 0.23 EnPI.
We are committed to continuous digital transformation and the implementation of a paperless office.
Our pipes are produced on modern and efficient extrusion lines.
By installing motion detectors and LED technology, we save 200,000 kWh of energy per year.
Among other things, we made a point of using LED lighting when installing our logo on the company building.
We have been purchasing green electricity since October 2022.
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Securing the company in the long term

Would you like to find out more about our company and our various product groups?


A transparent career model clearly and bindingly shows which paths are possible at IVT through commitment, diligence and a clear goal.
We value equality, tolerance and appreciation.
Numerous further training opportunities are continuously offered by the Würth Academy in the areas of technical, leadership, language and social skills.
We attach great importance to health and safety in the workplace.
Health days, workplace audits, height-adjustable desks, free preventive medical check-ups and a company pension scheme all contribute to this.
Through mobile office offers, we help to reconcile work and family life.
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