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11.03.2024 - World Pipeline Day

Did you know? On today's World Pipeline Day, the special importance of safe and clean pipelines is to take centre stage. As a 100% Würth subsidiary, our direct sales organisation...

IVT Power Women in the SHK Trade

The HVAC trade is pure Männersache🛠️ Today, on International Women's Day 2023, we show you our IVT power women. 💪🦸‍♀️ From the trainees to the department management...

Our teammates from Vienna

f.l.t.r.: Roman Rieser, Dardan Tarllamishaj, Head of Logistics Vienna: Tuncay Karakütük Did you know that in addition to our company headquarters and main warehouse in Rohr near Nuremberg, we...

We recycle surplus

In discussions with many different colleagues and departments, we came up with the idea of upcycling our raw material disposable pallets. Dominik Strohmenger from the production department had...

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