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Sliding sleeve-
connection system
PRINETO Schiebe-

Sliding sleeve connection

Sliding sleeve connections are the simple and safe choice in the field of heating, sanitary and compressed air. They can be installed in no time without gluing, soldering or welding and are designed without dead space. 

Easy installation without gluing, welding or soldering.
Our connection technology guarantees fast work and high safety.
Large sealing surface, no O-ring.
One tool for all PRINETO pipes.
High flow rate due to expansion technology.
Safety of DVGW and
ÖVGW confirms.
Optimum drinking water hygiene due to Cuphin, tinned brass, PPSU.
Dead space free.

Assembly and installation

Easy installation without gluing, welding or soldering
Our connection technology guarantees fast work and high safety
Large sealing surface, no O-ring

Drinking water installation

Drinking water is our most important foodstuff. Keeping it clean is a top priority. This is exactly where PRINETO sanitary connections come in. They stand for hygiene and safety and are also extremely economical.

Meets all requirements for hygienic drinking water installation according to VDI/DVGW 6023.
All fittings can be combined and machined with the same tool.
100 % lead-free (Cuphin/PPSU) on request.
High load capacity and corrosion resistance.
Standard fittings: 16 mm - 63 mm
aus verzinntem Messing (silber).
PPSU fitting programme:
16 mm - 32 mm (black).
Extended programme: High-performance material Cuphin 16-40 for lead-free drinking water installations - 100 % lead-free - resistant to stress corrosion cracking.

PRINETO installation boxes

Fit, fix and you're ready to go with the PRINETO installation box. Whether for washing machines or kitchen sinks - our system offers you a considerable time advantage. Our high-quality installation boxes have water/sewage connections that are precisely matched to the millimetre, enabling fast and precise installation.

Application area masonry

Materials in masonry are often exposed to high pressure and temperature fluctuations. Unpleasant expansion noises as well as reduced insulation are the result. With the special plaster base board of the IVT installation box, these effects are avoided, and the structured surface also ensures an optimal connection of the plaster.

Application area dry construction

Cavities as well as sound- and strength-sensitive components often pose major problems in drywall construction. The IVT installation box allows for millimetre-precise and tight-fitting installation. 

PRINETO Heizkörper-

Radiator connection system

Das PRINETO Heizkörperanschlusssystem bietet maximale Flexibilität auf nahezu jeder Baustelle. Sanierungen bestehender Heizungsanlagen, Neuinstallationen in Alt- und Neubauten oder auch Heizkörper-Anschlussleitungen aus dem Rohfußboden oder über die Sockelleiste gelingen fachgerecht und optisch ansprechend.

Maximum flexibility on almost any construction site as well as adaptation of the pipe sockets depending on the HK possible.
Connection of all radiator types
(10 - 33) possible.
No connection bends required
for radiator boxes.
From boiler connections to radiator screw connections. We offer products with which everything can be installed in a heating system.
Completely insulated crossing tees.
Visually appealing.
Also suitable for buildings and industry
(max. connection power 142 kW)
Suitable for radiator connection
out of the floor, out of the wall,
from the SKL.

Areas of application

Radiator connection from the floor
Radiator connection from the wall
Radiator connection from the skirting board
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