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25 years RST

On 20 June 2022, Managing Director Ralf Stottok ("RST") celebrated his 25th company anniversary at the company headquarters in Rohr.
Of course, several surprises were not to be missed on this day! Already a few weeks before the anniversary, staff members were thinking about which surprises would bring a sparkle to Mr. Stottok's eyes.

25th Anniversary Cake

Congratulations, helium balloons and a chocolate cake

On the anniversary day, the company headquarters was already bustling early in the morning. 200 helium balloons were blown up, 4 giant helium balloons were also delivered, the roses from the company garden were used for the table decoration, tables were cleared away, a buffet table was set up and a 70 cm cake was picked up from the local baker.

Managing Director Ingrid Zürn and Managing Director Ralf Stottok
Mr Stottok with bulldog Frida

Of course, some of our boss's companions were not to be missed on this important day. In addition to IVT Managing Director Ingrid Zürn, employees from the Würth headquarters in Künzelsau travelled especially for the anniversary to congratulate us.

What is the best way to please our boss?

Anyone who thinks of lavish and expensive gifts in kind is mistaken. As an enthusiastic bulldog fan, Mr Stottok was offered an even greater gift in addition to the brilliant chocolate strawberry cake. Kerstin Künzl, head of the accounting department, brought her bulldog Frida to the office especially for the anniversary. Frida walked through the company building all day and, to the delight of our boss, paid him a visit in his office.

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