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Donation instead of gifts

How many of you had presents in your boot today on St. Nicholas Day? 🎅

For many families, St. Nicholas on 6 December is an annual event.
IVT is also sticking to a custom again this year: Donation instead of gifts

For several years now, we have been foregoing gifts to our business partners during the Christmas season and instead donating to a common cause.

In 2022, we will support the Schwabacher Tafel with a donation of € 5,000 to "Verein Familien- und Altenhilfe e.V." of the Schwabacher Tafel.

Together with the entire Würth Group, we are thus contributing to a total donation of over € 100,000.

Andrea Schmidt, Managing Director of Familien-und Altenhilfe Schwabach, together with IVT Managing Director Ralf Stottok at the handover of the donation.

Do you also have certain St. Nicholas traditions? 🎅

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