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Processing during frost?

With these tips, pipe laying succeeds even in icy temperatures!

When expanding and bending tight radii, the pipe material is subjected to high stress,
whereby the ductility of the pipe material decreases with decreasing temperature. For this
For this reason, working slowly and evenly (speed of the power tools
is reference) is necessary especially in colder temperatures.

Our tips:

  • A short pause in the expanded state positively supports the processing!
  • Store the pipes in a heated room until they are processed
  • You can also heat the end of the pipe to be grouted with hot air.
  • Please check the expanded pipe sockets or pipe bends for damage.

Further notes

  • Do not expand or bend heating pipes and panel heating pipes below 0°C. Work slowly and evenly already at temperatures below 20°C.
  • Do not expand or bend stabilising pipes 40 to 63 below 0°C.
  • Do not expand or bend sanitary and stabilising pipes in dimensions 14 to 32 below -5°C.
  • The processing of PRINETO PPSU fittings must not be carried out below 0°C.

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