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IVT receives project for largest wooden industrial hall in Europe

With an impressive area of ​​around 9,500 square meters and an impressive collaboration between IVT and BTH Bodentechnik, the “GreenRock” construction project is being built in Neuötting.

IVT delivers 33,000 meters of “green pipe” for GreenRock

The heart of this ambitious project is the PRINETO ECO-FLEX surface heating pipe used. IVT has taken on a key role here by providing around 33,000 meters of its PRINETO ECO-FLEX surface heating pipe with dimensions of 25×2.3 as well as 11 PRINETO heating circuit distributors. This technological solution is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly - a step towards a greener future.
Den Grundriss mit der Vorplanung und die Montagezeichnung lieferte die hausinterne Planungsabteilung von IVT.

Flexible, high-quality and innovative – the PRINETO ECO-FLEX green-linked surface heating pipe

The PRINETO ECO-FLEX surface heating pipe made of self-crosslinking polyethylene PE-HDS based on DIN 16892 enables energy savings of approx. 35% during production - compared to ready-crosslinked pipes. Additionally, 35% of the pipe's paint is made from recycled materials.

All benefits at a glance:

  • The recycled content in the color batch is 35%
  • 35% less energy in the manufacturing process thanks to self-crosslinking pipe
  • Application class 4 based on EN ISO 15875-1
  • Oxygen-tight thanks to EVOH layer based on DIN 4726

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