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PRINETO pipes as open-space heating

In addition to installations in residential buildings, PRINETO panel heating pipes are also suitable for use as outdoor heating systems to keep ice free. As PRINETO surface heating pipes can be installed in the ground, they can also be used as underfloor heating in outdoor areas.

What are open-air heating systems?

A distinction is made between two operating modes for open-air heating. On the one hand, a permanent snow and ice-free mode and, on the other hand, an operating mode for only certain times when heat is required. The question also arises as to the temperature up to which the ground should remain ice-free and how much snow should be defrosted if necessary.

PRINETO pipes can be used as open-space heating in the following areas, among others:

  • Driveways
  • Inputs
  • Ramps
  • Lawns

Which PRINETO pipes are suitable for open-space heating?

Pipes with larger diameters are particularly suitable for free-standing heating systems. This is because a mixture of water and antifreeze, which has a higher viscosity and lower heat capacity, is channelled through the pipes for safety reasons. This leads to a higher pressure loss in the pipe. This is why the PRINETO 20 x 2.0 and 25 x 2.3 surface heating pipes are particularly suitable.

What should be considered during installation?

During installation, the pipes are laid in a layer of sand or fine-grained soil. There must be no large stones that could damage the pipe. The Fastening the pipes is characterised by the Fixed rails in dimensions 20 or 25 ensured.

However, weighting mats are often also laid out on a layer of sand, on which the pipe with the PRINETO binding wire (art. no.: 878 386 216) and the PRINETO cordless wire tying tool (art. no.: 878 386 215) is attached. For the The PRINETO industrial distributors are used to distribute the heating circuits 2″ can be used with attached regulating valves or with flowmeter.

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