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Sales launch PRINETO heat-cutter 230 V

With the PRINETO heat-cutter 230 V (Art.-No.: 878 800 160) you can cut and process EPS insulation boards precisely. It is suitable for professional use in industry and trade. The PRINETO heat-cutter device offers the possibility that EPS boards can be individually adapted to the conditions on the construction site.

Features and advantages of the PRINETO heat-cutter

  • Compared to our previous heat-cutter, the new one uses 25% less electricity and is over 30% cheaper.
  • The heat-cutter has LED illumination of the work surface, which enables more precise work.
  • A longer cable ensures greater suitability for construction sites.
  • A new tip (Art.-No.: 878 800 162 PRINETO EPS cutting tip) is available as an accessory for clean cutting of EPS boards. This increases the range of applications of the machine considerably.
  • The PRINETO heat-cutter is supplied including the PRINETO cutting tip.

Verschiedene Einsatzgebiete

from left to right: IVT dry system groove and turn elements, system roll with EPS DES 30 mm grid foil, EPS 30 mm DEO thermal insulation board

Step-by-step instructions Grooving and turning elements

Conclusion: Overall, the PRINETO heat-cutter offers a reliable and effective solution for precise cutting and processing of EPS insulation boards.

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